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Who Doesn't Love a Happy Ending?

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Tell your happy ending story!

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This week we're celebrating the core component of the romance novel - what's known in the business as the HEA, or the Happy Ever After. It was only when I first started writing romance that I became aware of the difference between a romance and a novel (or play) with romantic elements. Romeo and Juliet is a romance, right? Wrong. No HEA, therefore it has romantic elements rather than being a romance.

I sometimes wonder why romance is such a popular genre when a reader can guess the outcome of the book usually from the first page. But therein lies the answer - ultimately it's not about the outcome, but about the journey. I'm in my forties now - I've met and married the man of my dreams, had a child, gone to university, emigrated... I've completed most of the rites of passage, which can be a little bit depressing, but reading and writing romance allows me to live through these wonderful moments of my life over and over again. There's a magic to falling in love, and through reading romance we get to experience it again every time we open a new cover and delve into the pages.

Every single one of my novels has a HEA, and my stories are filled with that romantic journey, from the moment when the hero and heroine first meet, to the first kiss, to the first time they have sex (did I mention they're racy romances?) to that wonderful moment where they realise they're in love.

My next release is due out on February 4th from Lyrical Press. It's a very sexy contemporary "friends to lovers" or "brother's best mate" romance set in New Zealand and the magical city of Beijing in China. Here's the wonderful cover:

And here's the blurb:

Gossip says he is hot between the sheets. Has Mr. Insatiable finally met his match?

Enya’s been curious about Kit’s bedroom exploits ever since his ex-girlfriend spilled the beans about his…skill. But he’s not for her. Enya can’t provide what he wants from life, especially not between the sheets.

After Enya admits she’s not good at sex, Kit persuades her to trust in him. Together, they can create fireworks in the bedroom. A few drinks followed by a discussion about kinky sex, and Enya succumbs to his charm.

Thrilled he’s been proven correct, Kit can’t keep his hands off Enya, and she’s unable, and unwilling, to resist him. But is it just great sex…or something more?

Sexy, sizzling hot romance. Please read with air conditioning on.

Buy links aren't available yet, but I thought I'd whet your whistle a bit before the big day. Want a snippet?

When he paused to kiss her hair again, she whispered, “Do you think I’m attractive?” It was a provocative statement, but the need for reassurance after her breakup was too great to resist.

Kit stilled, and she wondered whether she’d overstepped the invisible boundary they’d erected over the years. Just like Tristan had always done, Kit had commented on her burgeoning figure as she’d grown up, made lewd comments when she’d worn a bikini and teased her about the generous size of her breasts, but it had always been done in a brotherly way, in front of the rest of the family. He’d never crossed that line and been suggestive or touched her inappropriately. When they were alone, he was the perfect gentleman, honorable and polite, even if he did continue to tease her, she’d never felt uncomfortable with him. Sometimes she’d wondered whether he actually realized she’d grown up.

He moved back and looked down at her. Even though she wore three-inch heels, he towered over her, his shoulders broad beneath his jacket. She waited for him to make a joke, laugh, or look uncomfortable at being asked to say something personal like that.

Instead, to her surprise, he cupped her face with his hands. Looking into her eyes, he held her gaze for a moment, his blue eyes alight with desire. To her astonishment, he smiled wolfishly and lowered his head.

She stood, transfixed, as he pressed his lips to hers. They were firm and warm, and she waited, breathless, while he kissed her, his mouth moving across hers with tender affection. Her mind raced. He was only trying to comfort her. Brother to sister. As if she were kissing Tristan. Yeuch.

Only it wasn’t yeuch. And it wasn’t remotely like how she imagined kissing her brother would be.

She rested her palms on his chest, surprised at the firmness of his muscles beneath her fingers. She’d seen him shirtless in the summer, hugged him and given him teasing pushes a gazillion times, but she’d never touched him. With his lips still slowly brushing hers, and her heart thudding, she moved her hands up and traced his collarbone beneath the white shirt, and then lifted her hands over his shoulders and around his neck, expecting him to draw back, laughing.

Instead of pulling away, Kit’s arms came around her, strong and tight, his hands sliding down her back to her hips. He pulled her against him, and to her complete and utter shock, pressed the hard length of his erection against her, obvious proof he didn’t feel as if he were kissing a sibling either.

Enya’s mouth opened and she gasped, inhaling sharply when his warm tongue brushed hers. For a second she froze, completely taken aback by his reaction, as confused as she had been in her dream by what he was doing and her reaction to him. He stilled, but before he pulled away, desire shot through her, and her instincts took over. Plunging her tongue into his mouth, she threaded her hands through his hair, pressing herself against him, molding her body to his.

Kit groaned, his hands tight on her butt. Unfamiliar yearning swept through her, and she tightened her hands in his hair, grazing her teeth against his bottom lip, pleasure mounting as he deepened the kiss.

She’d forgotten about the heels. She didn’t wear them very often, and when she lifted herself on tiptoe to press her breasts against his chest, she lost her balance. His weight pushed her back the six inches to the wall behind her, and she hit it with a jolt hard enough to make her gasp and break the kiss.

Kit stepped back. “Shit.” He ran both hands through his hair and then surveyed her, hands on hips, apparently lost for words.

Enya pressed shaking fingers to her lips, her head spinning.

I kissed Kit Fawkes!

I also have another release coming out on March 26th from Samhain Publishing. Six Naughty Nights is also a sexy contemporary, and you can read more about it here.
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Well that's it from me. I'm offering a $10 Amazon voucher as a prize this week for one lucky reader. There are a number of ways you can enter via Rafflecopter below. And if you'd like to leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you! Tell me about your first kiss. Did it live up to your hopes?!
Serenity x

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  1. It was on a swing set ;)

  2. I was 13 and had a major crush on an older boy (he was 14) and he kissed me as a test!

    susanmplatt AT hotmail DOT com

  3. I don't remember, it was so long ago.


  4. It was under the mistletoe at a party--not sure if that counts...


  5. My first kiss was slimy and disgusting. LOL! We were at Putt-Putt Mini Golf. I was excited to go on my first date with an "older" boy. Afterwards, I said it wasn't worth it and never saw him again. LOL!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  6. Sadly I haven't had mine yet but hope it would be something magical and cute when it does happen.


  7. It was with the boy next door to us, I was 14 he was 15. It was summer and we all (the kids in the neighborhood) had to be home when the streetlights came on. He walked me home and then kissed me. I still remember the funny feeling (butterflies)in my stomache afterward. WOW, I ahven't thought about that in years! Thanks for being a part of the hop!

  8. In front of all my friends in junior high while they egged it on lol
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  9. I hate to say it but it's been so long ago I can't remember. I think I was after my Junior prom though.

    Rafflecopter name; Dawna Newman

  10. I haven't experienced my first kiss yet.

  11. It must not have been very memorable because I don't remember it. Thanks for the giveaway!

    thompsonem3 at aol dot com

  12. It was great, we were dancing & I remember that he smelled very nice :)

  13. Super awkward and involved some teeth bumping :P

  14. on the dance floor at a bar

  15. The first shocked me. I thought of the guy as a friend and he thought more. I had gone out with him a few times, but I assumed it was as friends. At the end of the third date he leaned down and kissed me. The conversation afterword was very awkward.

  16. Hasn't happened yet but hopefully it will be a good one.

  17. My first kiss was on a school bus in junior high. It was super awkward!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. Mine was really awkward and I don't even know if you can consider it an actual kiss but I was sitting by this boy in a car and I was chewing gum and he totally caught me off guard and stuck his tongue in my mouth. I turned away and it ended. lol

  19. Thanks for the giveaway! I think it was at the beach at dusk, it has been so long. ;)
    -Cali W.

  20. Thank you for the lovely giveaway~ My first kiss was on my front porch after my first date with a boy I liked from middle school. It was just a really quick peak on the lips but I remember feeling all warm and giddy inside from it as I went inside. Aww~ innocence. xD

  21. It was awkward. We were each other's first kiss and I remember feeling embarrassed after doing it. I thought we did it wrong. :D

  22. My was kind of hot and kind of awful. It was with a next door neighbor and he was SUPER experienced. I obviously, was not, so things got so much further than they should have for the first time.

  23. My first real kiss was with my first boyfriend. It was pretty typical and boring. Thanks!

  24. Is it horrible to say that I don't remember it? I guess I'm losing my memory lol.

  25. My first kiss was my first boyfriend and I wasn't really expecting it and it was really quick and then he ran off yelling he loved me! lol, I just sat on my parent's porch swing kind of confused.

  26. Slightly awkward, definitely not the picture perfect moment lol it was with a boyfriend who was too old for me and was during my teenage rebellion years. Not my finest moments, thats for sure :)
    oddball2003 at hotmail dot

  27. oh, that was a fun time. out on a friends trampoline with my boyfriend when i was 15. scariest moment of my life, but i will never forget it!!! thanks for the hop. i love finding new to me authors. and your book covers are HOT!
    pepperpenn42 at gmail dot com

  28. LOL it was with one of my friends growing up. It was so weird after but thankfully we stayed friends.
    Thanks for the contest!!

  29. kiss on the cheek from a family friend whose 10 year older than me :p
    thx u for the giveaway...

    chikojubilee at gmail dot com

  30. On the porch of my apartment house with my boyfriend! :D

    Thanks! ;)

  31. My first kiss was at a school dance. Thanks for the giveaway.

  32. My first kiss was after my high school graduation party - kind of awkward but nice.

  33. My first kiss was after a school dance - kind of awkward but nice.

  34. My first kiss was at a golf course I worked at. I cannot remember the guys name but I do remember finding out after we "broke up" that he only had one testicle which for a 14 year old was confusing!

    Thanks for the great giveaway,

  35. I was 14 and it was with my boyfriend after like 2months of dating behind my house and it was scarey and sweet.

  36. I was 15 and he was 14 at a community dance. He was a great kisser. We dated for several months until I got freaked out about the age difference and caved to peer pressure and broke up with him. I have never forgotten his kisses.

    Thank you for the giveaway.

  37. It was in a hallway when I was in middle school. It really made me swoon,lol.

  38. We were both 17, and he caught me by surprise. I felt light-headed and nearly fainted. He took my breath away...

  39. My first kiss was when I was 13 or 14. He was my first boyfriend. He came over to my house and we went next door to our friends house and we were sitting on a recliner and we looked at each other and then it just happened. We kissed. It was the best kiss ever. I will always remember that kiss. But this story doesn't have a happy ending. He actually died in a car accident about 2 years later. I miss him all the time. He's my first love and will always and forever be in my heart. Thank you for being a part of this fun and awesome blog hop!!

  40. Mine wasn't so bad but it was with a childhood friend so maybe that helps, cute and a little awkward. Thanks for the giveaway!

  41. I think my very first kiss was at the kindergarten LOL I'm not remembering much of it, but it was sweet :)

  42. was in 1st grade and on a bet - regnod(at)yahoo(d0t)com

  43. My first was from my boyfriend in 7th grade. We were lined up from PE and the lights went out. He quickly gave me a peck before the doors opened. Oh so adventurous.

    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

  44. My first kiss wasn't all that special. I was in a play were I had to kiss another character. My first "real" kiss was a few months later with a boyfriend I ended up being friends with for years to come, so it was much more special.

  45. My first kiss was a little peck on the lips in the back of the classroom with a boy named Seth in Kindergarten :)

  46. Have not had one sadly. Hoping for one of those spectacular book smooches! Lol


    raffle name: Nikki O

  47. Thank you all so much for entering and I loved reading about your first kiss stories!

    The winner picked by Rafflecopter is Leah Carty-Blanton. Congratulation Leah, an email is winging its way to you now!

    Serenity x