Sunday, November 18, 2012

What Matters in the Long Run

Kia ora everyone,

I've been very slack in blogging lately, mainly because my home life has been so busy. And I've been writing! So I have a good excuse :-)

December's going to be a busy month for me though. I have two releases coming out and a possible third. The first will be Making Sense, the second in my Sensual Healing series, from Samhain Publishing. That comes out on the 4th December.

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The second will be Summer Fling, my previously self-published novel, which Harlequin Australia's new company, Escape Publishing, have bought and will publish in December.

And I'm also working on another self-pub which I hope to bring out around Christmas called His Christmas Present. A bit of overkill, I hear you say! Maybe, but I feel that the books reach different markets and different readers, and this way I'm hoping to cross-market a little and introduce readers to other books of mine they might not ordinarily have bought.

I have booked a blog tour through Author's Angels which begins on December 3rd. I can highly recommend this company, run by DiDi who also runs Guilty Pleasures Blog Reviews. For a reasonable price she does pretty much everything, and all the author has to do is write the blog posts.

However, I have been a bit lax with social networking. There just aren't enough hours in the day! I'd like to do more, but I feel hampered sometimes by being in the southern hemisphere, which means I'm usually on Twitter when the rest of the world is asleep. Plus I'm not sure how many people my Facebook posts are reaching now that they're pushing for people to advertise.

But I'm still here, still writing, and as Maya Banks said, the best publicity an author can do is to keep writing great books. So hopefully my stories will speak for themselves, and readers will continue to enjoy them, and that's all that matters in the long run :-)

Serenity x

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